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PATCO Machine & Fab
PATCO’s product line has been ever-evolving since inception. PATCO has recently adopted the resources to provide turnkey Umbilical/Cable/Hose Reel packages to suit any drilling application. Packages typically include Roller Turndown Sheaves & Remote Control Panel specific to the product or service being rendered. In addition to proprietary products PATCO also manufactures customer specific designs as required. For decades PATCO has been a provider of Drilling System Mud Tank Suction/Dump/Equalizer Valves & replacement parts for the obsolete Joe Stein / Houston System products.
PATCO Products
Reel Systems • Hydraulic Umbilical Reels • Electro/Hydraulic Umbilical Reels • PATCO’s US Patented Electro/Pneumatic Drive System • Multiplex Cable Reels • Hot Line Hose Reels • Riser Fill Hose Reels • IWOCS Reels • Flexible Steel Acid Line Reels • Electrical Intervention Reels • Roller Turndown Sheaves • ABS / DNV GL / Lloyds Certified
Junction Box Assemblies are designed to meet customer and product specific requirements. PATCO stab & retainer plates can be designed for mate-ability at the rig surface, by diver, or via ROV. FEA analysis is performed on all designs to ensure potential stresses experienced during application are accounted for. 
Control Panels Hydraulic or pneumatic control panels can be fabricated to remotely or manually operate various special equipment such as subsea wellhead control. Control panels may be free standing, floor mounted, oil field skid type, or wall mounted depending on the application. 
• Reel Deployment Systems (RDS) • BOP Restraint – Offshore • High Pressure Swivels • Riser Bolt Racks • Pipe Racks • Nitrogen Manifold Skid
Spooling Units • PATCO’s Mobile Spooling Unit • Designed to Customer Requirements • Hydraulic Powered • Wire Rope Spoolers & Winches
• Mud Tank Suction Valves - Hand Wheel Operated (6"- 8"- 10"- 12"- 14"- 16") • Dump Valves - Hand wheel Operated (6"- 8"- 10"- 12"- 14"- 16")
Power Units • Self-Contained or Remote Powered • Electric, Diesel, Gas, or Air  • Low or High Pressure  • Manifolds, Skids, & Cages  • Reservoirs & Accumulators 
Houston Systems/Joe Stein • 4" & 5" High Pressure Mud Discharge System • Other Miscellaneous Replacement Parts
Junction Boxes, Stab Plates, & Retainer Plates
Special Machine Design